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Why Monticello?

Welcome to Monticello School District!

Our district includes five schools - the newest is Eastview Education Center, which opened in 2017 and is home to kindergarten, preschool, ECFE, the Connect 5 transition program, and more. There are two elementary schools (1st-5th grade), one middle school (6th-8th grade) and one high school (9th-12th grade). The district's average annual enrollment is slightly north of 4,000 students.

The Monticello School District has a proud history of excellent programming and a constant dedication to meeting the needs of each student that walks through our doors. The district has embraced and rallied around the mantra of “Every Kid, Every Day.”

Students in Monticello are given every opportunity to succeed, thanks to talented and committed teachers and staff, top-notch technology, and a supportive, education oriented community.

At Monticello Public Schools, we believe in whole child education and on investing in our youth not just with textbooks but with time, attention, and passion. We invite you to explore Monticello Public Schools, both via our website and/or a scheduled tour, to learn more about how our district can meet the educational needs of your family.