City of Monticello provides construction update

City of Monticello provides Fallon Ave. construction update

ISD 882 recently received word from the city that Chelsea Road is expected to have the final paving completed in the middle of October, but the road will remain closed to through traffic due to its connection with the Fallon Avenue Overpass project. The city understands it can be frustrating to see a road closed when it looks finished, but they explained that it is necessary for the overall project. The closure also provides the flexibility for contractors to complete lighting and other parts of the project without interference from traffic.

The Fallon Avenue Overpass project continues to make progress. The bridge deck is expected to be poured this coming week, and the roundabout at Washington has been graded and curb has been poured. The contractor is working on utilities at the Fallon/7th St roundabout. Currently, the roads are still expected to remain closed until mid-November, but timelines could shift due to weather or other construction factors. More information on the project can be found here