Are you curious?

Posted by Eric Olson on 9/29/2020

9-29-2020 – Are you curious?

I love watching kids. There is no better sight than seeing the spark in a student’s eye when they learn something new. Wait! I thought of something even better yet; I love seeing students who are curious and intent on learning something new.

As you work with your child around the house or supporting their education (no matter what learning model they are in). Find ways to foster curiosity. Great teachers, great parents, great bosses, great leaders inspire others to go learn more…

There are sure fire ways that parents and teachers can challenge students. Try the following three ideas while working with kids:

  • Let kids teach you about their high interest topics.
  • Ask questions…Ask deeper questions (that require a resource to answer)…Find ways to inspire kids to grab the resource to dig deeper.
    • If a child never asks a question, you may not be sparking learning for your child/student. This might mean they already know what you are teaching. Or, you might be the type of person who answers questions without inspiring them to dig deeper. It could also mean that the material is too difficult and they are trying to hide from the struggles of learning. Look in the mirror to see if any of these descriptions fits you and make a change (if needed).
  • Teach problem-solving strategies and please let your child struggle or be confused.

Try using these three sure fire techniques of promoting curiosity. And finally, ask yourself, "What you are curious about as an adult?" This question and answer could be your guide for inspiring other people’s curiosity!