Pura Vida...Fika...Hakuna Matata...And YOU

Posted by Eric Olson on 9/15/2020

In continuation of yesterday's story about a good feeling, I bring three special phrases or ways to live by...

Pura Vida is a Spanish phrase often used in Costa Rica and several other Spanish speaking countries. Fika is a word that brings us to Sweden. And, if you have kids, you probably have watched the Lion King. Who doesn't start dancing when you think of  Timon and Pumbaa's ode to, "Hakuna Matata" or living a worry free life? This particular phrase comes from the Swahili language which is used in several East African countries.

Regardless of which special phrase you choose today, I challenge everyone to "live the pure life - Pura Vida" or "make time for coffee with friends and colleagues" or "just start dancing when you live by the motto of Hakuna Matata."

As we move forward through our school year, we appreciate everyone trying to create the best learning environment possible for students. We might all need to remind ourselves to slow down and enjoy the moment.