When will we have to change the Instruction Model?

Posted by Eric Olson on 9/10/2020

COVID Data shows that our County COVID Data has increased in each of the last two week reporting periods. We were at 16 cases per 10,000 and now we are at 20.1 cases per 10,000. That is definitely the bad news. The good news is that our administration has planned extensively to be able to move, at a moment’s notice, to hybrid at the elementary level. As a reminder, we are already at the hybrid level at the MMS and MHS. 

As a district, we are always thinking and planning for the future. After meeting with our COVID Regional Support Team on Friday (9/11) morning, I will be ready to share something out to our families. My message will be to share comforting news that our schools can move to the next model of instruction without impacting our families.

With that being said, I always want families to be thinking to the future. If we have to move up two levels (to Distance Learning) because of county data or a COVID outbreak happens in our district, are you ready to move at a moment’s notice? We have to navigate 2020-21 together and in order to navigate any school changes, you should always be planned for the future…