New Platform Reform

Posted by Eric Olson on 9/9/2020

Back when I was a teacher, I remember thinking I was pretty cool when I went to Home Depot purchased a 4 by 8 sheet of white paneling and screwed it to my chalkboard. Walla! I was the first at my school to have a whiteboard. I know what you are thinking...Wow - this dude is old! That's beside the point. What I did on that whiteboard was both routine and collaborative. The morning message could be found in one location, our daily schedule in another location, and a place for students to demonstrate learning was the bottom portion of the whiteboard.

While the story above might be from 1999, I will connect some basic principles that teachers give their students. Students gain enormous amounts of confidence from a teacher. The actions, words, and routines of our teachers build independence. And, student independence leads to better problem-solving skills. 

In Monticello, our teachers will be connecting what they know about establishing routines in order to build confidence in our 2020 learners. Teachers will better use Seesaw (Pre K- 5) / Schoology for Universal Design (unification across 6-12) for their online learning platform. Whether students are in class looking at a teacher's whiteboard or at home learning, students can always find a welcome folder of orientation materials, syllabus, and a workflow plan to submit assignments, a weekly intro, and learning targets.

COVID might be lemons, but if we make lemonade, we can create independence for our students through the use of routines and standardization of our learning platform. We ask that parents and students get on the Seesaw and Schoology bus!