September 3, 2020 - Distance Learning for our Students (Grades 6-12)

Posted by Eric Olson on 9/3/2020 5:30:00 PM

Blog #2 – 9/3/20

Got Amazing Secondary Teachers? We do! For our students who are opting into Secondary Distance Learning, please understand that we are committed to bringing you an engaging product that looks much different than what you experienced last spring.

Our MMS, MHS teachers pride themselves on developing relationships with every student. You are not a number in Monticello; you are a very important person. We are building our Distance Learning Program to include many of the components of the MMS and MHS that make these schools special. Please understand that prior to COVID, much research has been compiled by reputable sources highlighting that online systems do not work very well. The research has shown that the programs were not working because the students (pre COVID) running to them were the students who needed the in-person support, from a highly skilled teacher, the most. Here at Monticello, we've designed our Distance Learning courses so that all learners can be successful.

 You can expect the following for our students opting into Secondary Distance Learning:

  • Students will follow a specific schedule.
  • Teachers use Schoology for Universal Design (unification across 6-12) for their online learning platform which includes: welcome folder of orientation materials, syllabus, and a workflow plan to submit assignments, a weekly intro, and learning targets.
  • Highly trained teachers deliver rigorous state standards.
  • A mixture of large and small group instruction for each class.
  • Utilization of current curriculum throughout the day (standards-based education).
  • Building relationships are key ingredients.
  • Scheduled breaks, hands-on activities, independent work, and screen instruction. 
  • M & M and Homeroom are part of the student’s distance learning program. Teachers will provide instruction in the areas of social and emotional learning as well as personal attention through academic advising.

Students are expected to follow their teacher’s syllabus and meet expectations of each class. There are specific requirements, class times, teacher instruction, guided work, and independent school work for every student to maintain. Students follow all school rules while distance learning, participating in activities, and upholding MN Statutes/laws. It is each parent’s responsibility to support their student by logging into Parent Portal and Schoology to hold students accountable for their weekly learning, attendance, and secondary school requirements (including school handbook and MSHSL requirements).