April 2, 2020 Schoology Update

Posted by Susan Heidt on 4/2/2020 8:55:00 AM

A quick Schoology Update. 

First, thank you students, parents and teachers for your patience as we monitor Schoology systems daily from our desks in the Monticello IT Office.  Schoology is used by millions of students worldwide and is a learning management system hosted on Amazon web servers throughout the US.   

As you can imagine, the increased demand in a few short weeks has taxed even the most robust enterprise systems serving school districts around the United States and world.  In a letter to their subscribing school districts, it was shared that in the past few days, they have experienced nearly a 400% increase in traffic/usage of the platform and it is the largest peak at any time in their 10-year history.  

What is Schoology Enterprise doing to solve the problem?

  • Brought in experienced additional engineers to fix
  • Added additional servers to address the increased traffic 
  • Working around the clock to monitor and resolve issues as quickly as possible

Relate Schoology's scenario to increased traffic on roads or a highway.  There is a process to fix the traffic congestion, switch patterns or balance the traffic loads.  Schoology is a leading K-12 education company and committed to serving educators and students.  They will get the problem resolved.  

Again, thank you Monticello community for your patience.  As students begin to sign on for day 4 distance learning as of 8:55 AM all systems are operating normally for Schoology Enterprise Users.  If you wish to monitor Schoology Status, please sign up for the status monitor and you can see a practical, everyday user Schoology Status Monitor first hand.    

SeeSaw Update. 

Seesaw reported a 600% increase in usage / traffic in the last 3 weeks.  Monticello experienced log in hiccups with Seesaw on Day 1, March 30 in which users were experiencing load errors.  Engineers made site improvements and users have seen little to no delays since.  If you wish to monitor Seesaw status, please sign up for the status monitor and you can see a practical, everyday user monitor first hand.