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Congratulations to all the Participants in the Conference Visual arts Festival

Congratulations to all of the participants in our Conference Visual Arts Festival which took place on Friday, May 3rd at St. Francis High School. Every student placed in the event!

Matthew Johnson received high honors in receiving one of 4 judges choice awards in Ceramics and a Superior ranking!

Other rankings included: 

Anastasia Froelich in Sculpture and Ceramics

Logan Hout in Ceramics

Abby Neuses in Computer Arts

Chloe Pemberton in Mixed Media

Caiya Michels in Drawing

Hunter Thompson in Adamped Art, Drawing

Mikey Caspers in Adapted Art, Ceramics


These Students Received an Excellent ranking: 

Rebecca Pumarlo in Painting and Drawing

Skylar Lemon in Drawing

Chloe Pemberton in Drawing

Adeline Forster in Drawing

Jade Cornellier in Painting 

Mitchell Ward in Sculpture

Emma Kaley in Painting

Jeremy Simon in Drawing

Carleigh Tighe in Painting

Adrianne Braaten in Painting

We are so proud of our student artists and their teachers Mrs. Abel & Mrs. Mitchell!

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