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Alarming number of Minnesota teens getting "nic sick" from e-cigarettes!


New research shows that 1 in 5 high school students across the country are vaping. It is becoming a major national issue. We are hopeful that this informative news story which aired on KSTP can be a platform for a conversation with your student. 

As a district, we continue to do everything we can to educate both our students and our community on the dangers of vaping, and the school rules against it. One step that we've taken is working with community partners that sell ecigs to get signs posted that remind potential students of the district and Minnesota State High School League guidelines against vaping. An example is attached. We will continue to explore all avenues that help us fight this phenomenon and keep our students healthy and safe in our district buildings, and we greatly appreciate your partnership in this and all other matters!

Link to KSTP news story.