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ISD 882 receives $1 million in Coronavirus Aid

Monticello School District recently received notification from the Minnesota Department of Education that the district is the recipient of $1,073,392 in grant funding. The funding is available through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. 

The district was able to access these funds in large part due to the work of Technology Director Sue Heidt, Finance Director Tina Burkholder, and Magic Adventures School Age Care Coordinator Andrea Greenwald. The time those three put in daily to creating and distributing surveys was instrumental in helping the district qualify for funding.

The majority of the funds are to be used to expand technology capacity to meet student learning needs by increasing broadband access and purchasing devices such as laptops or tablets, as well as for improving student-to-teacher ratios for summer programming and to provide transportation to said programming. A small portion of the funds are also reserved to help meet mental health needs as well as provide additional supports to students from historically underserved populations.

“This is a tremendous boost to a few very specific portions of our operations, and we are grateful for the opportunity to continue to make our educational offerings more equitable for all of our students,” said Superintendent Eric Olson.

The district is diligently finalizing plans to use these funds to continue to make the education process, whether it be in person, remote, or hybrid, equitable for all students.