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Calendar Change: School Board approves changing Nov. 4 to No School/Teacher Workshop Day

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Dear Monticello School District Families,

At the August 19th meeting, the Monticello School Board approved a change to the 2019-20 District Calendar. Monday, Nov. 4th will now be a NO SCHOOL DAY.

This change was made to allow ISD 882 to incorporate one additional day of professional learning for staff members into the school calendar. As a school district, we are thrilled to incorporate state-approved Digital and At Home Learning Days into our offerings this year. This will allow us to continue education on bad weather days, helping to bolster each child’s education, while also preventing the need for added school days. We do want to be clear that the district still has extra built-in days, and will still have the opportunity to exercise No School Days due to inclimate weather.

By giving staff this additional day, it gives all educators the opportunity to formulate and practice their plans for Digital and At Home Learning Days, allowing us to be best prepared to meet the needs of our students at each level when the situation arises. This also allows us to be in line with state statutes and ensures that we are meeting e-learning policy guidelines.

The district chose Nov. 4th as it coincides with a No School Day on Friday, Nov. 1 and an Early Release Day on Thursday, Oct. 31. We hope putting it on this day allows families an extra opportunity to travel if so inclined. We also realize any schedule change can be an inconvenience for families that may need to find childcare, and we apologize for that inconvenience, but we believe this is a day that will benefit all students and staff greatly moving forward, and we hope that providing the information this early allows families to plan for the change. To view the updated 2019-20 Monticello School District calendar, please visit here.

We look forward to providing further communication about Digital and At Home Learning Days and what they will look like at each building, and when families can expect them to be put in use.

In the meantime, we hope that all families enjoy the last couple weeks of summer - we can’t wait for the stars of the show, our students, to return to our buildings!


Superintendent Eric Olson