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Getting to know new board member Jamie Sieben

Jamie Sieben Jamie Sieben joined the Monticello School Board this January. She recently answered a few questions for the district to help the community get to know one of their board representatives! 

Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

  • Graduated HS from Elk River
  • Enlisted into the Army National Guard
  • Attended & Graduated College from SCSU
  • Swam on the SCSU Swim Team
  • Commissioned as an officer in the Army National Guard (served for 13 years)
  • Deployed to Iraq in 2010
  • Business owner for 10 years
  • Own Monti Nutrition 
  • I'm married to Shane Sieben and have 2 children Micah (15) and Moriah (8)
  • We have 2 dogs Lacy and Lily


Why did you decide to run for Monticello School Board?

I believe in serving the community that takes care of my family and I.   The school board is a way I feel like I can give back!  I bring a unique mix of experiences to the board and feel I can see things from a different perspective as a business owner.  Our youth is our future and it is important to invest in them!!

What kind of impact has education had on your life?

Education has had a significant impact on me!  Specifically in helping mold and shape me as my own person.  Our children spend a large portion of their days in school (as I did when I was younger)!  The personal, teachers and everyone they come in contact with on a daily basis is making an impact!!!  

What are your top priorities as a board member?

Continuing to successfully navigate through the COVID pandemic.  Always keeping the priority on our kids!  

Class sizes are extremely important to me.  Lower class sizes have a very positive impact on children's education as well as teachers' job satisfaction.  

Ensuring that teachers have the technology and resources necessary to effectively do their job.  

For Monticello to be the highest ranked school in our county and surrounding area!

What are your hobbies?

We live on a lake and enjoy doing any activities outdoors.  

Winter: skiing, snowshoeing, hockey (in the winter we basically live in the hockey rink :-))

Summer: swimming, hiking, wake surfing, golfing, and fishing.

Really, anything with my family.  

What does “Every Kid, Every Day” mean to you?

Meeting the needs of each and every student to prepare them for the future.