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A message from Supt. Olson regarding the 2020 referendum

Dear Monticello School Community,

I want to say thank you to the thousands of voters that turned out to vote in favor of the Monticello School District referendum. While I am disappointed in the result, I remain proud to serve in a district that continues to receive incredible community support in so many ways.

We knew that the referendum would be a tough ask this year, in the midst of everything going on in the world. However, we also feel as confident as ever that we owe it to our students, our staff, and our families, to go after funding that allows us to provide the programming and opportunities that members of the Monticello School Community deserve.

This process has been an incredible learning experience for many of us. I have been fortunate to have deep, interesting, and informative conversations with stakeholders across the community. You’ve imparted insight and wisdom that will be indispensable as we evaluate how to best move forward following this result.

It is an unfortunate reality of our situation that there will be a need to make additional cuts this year as we try to increase our general fund balance to meet school board parameters. However, I give you my word - we will continue to work daily to not just meet but to exceed the expectations of education across Monticello School District. We will continue to put time, money, and effort into solutions that allow us to continue our push toward becoming one of the premiere school districts in the state of Minnesota.

The last thing that I will say is this. Thank you to all of you that exercised your civic right by voting in this election. It was incredible to see the participation locally, and we continue to be so proud to be a part of this great community.

We Got This,

Superintendent Eric Olson