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Sherri Hackenmueller selected as EMM Teacher of the Month

Name: Sherri Hackenmueller

Years teaching in Monticello?
This is my 30th year teaching in the Monticello School District

Tell us a little about yourself:

I went to St. Cloud State for my teaching degree and for my Masters program.  My husband is Ron Hackenmueller and we have been married for almost 37 years.  We have two grown children, Kari and Nick, who went to the Monticello schools.  We also have three wonderful granddaughters Madison, Elianna and Hadley.

I started my career teaching 3rd grade at Pinewood.  When Little Mountain opened, I taught 3rd grade there.  After taking two years off when my son was young, I returned to teach Title I in a part time position.  This position has increased in responsibility with becoming the Lead Title I teacher at Pinewood.  

Why did you choose the teaching profession?

I went to college determined to get an Accounting degree.  That changed in my junior year.  I decided that teaching younger children may be my calling.  My younger brothers agreed that teaching would be a great profession for me since I always bossed them around at home.   I am glad that I changed my career choice.

What is the best thing about teaching in Monticello?

The children I have taught in the past 30 years has been enlightening.  Every child comes to school with a different family experience and I have to fit them into my teaching like a puzzle piece.  I love when all the puzzle pieces come together and makes a beautiful picture.  

There is something in each child that I love.  They bring their uniqueness to my room and we all get to enjoy or tolerate it.  It is a great place to learn how to work with all kinds of personalities.

Seeing students that I used to have is such a delight to me.  Hearing what they are doing now and all their successes in adult life makes me feel warm inside.

A shout out to all the marvelous staff I have worked with.  I have learned many things from each and every one of them.  Everyone has a different talent or approach to teaching and I am so blessed to have gained knowledge from them.

What is your proudest moment as a teacher?

I find that the proudest moments in my career is when you see the light bulb come on  in each student and they realize that they know.  You can tell in their faces that they are proud of themselves.   It is also rewarding to see the students cheering each other on.  When they want others to succeed, we become a family.

What advice would you give a young adult who is thinking about a teaching career?

Teaching is hard work, but very rewarding.  You do not stay in it because of the money.  You stay in it because you hope to make a difference in someone’s life.  You do stay in it because they make a difference in your own life.