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Generous community partners help replace PWE Memorial Bench

Thank you to the generosity of the Monticello community, one of the most powerful structures in ISD 882 received a recent upgrade.

Pinewood Memorial Bench The Pinewood Elementary Memorial Bench, dedicated to the Pinewood Elementary students that lost their lives during the 1996-97 school year, has sat alongside Hwy. 75 outside the school for more than two decades. 

Years of wear and tear from the weather and general use had left it in less than peak condition, leading PWE Head Custodian Gary Kraft to explore options for refurbishing or replacing the bench. 

Kraft put in calls to both Cargill and the City of Monticello and immediately found two generous partners ready to pounce at the opportunity to help replace such a meaningful piece of the community.

Cargill offered to pay for the entire bench, while the City of Monticello designed it, ordered it, poured a new concrete slab, and handled the installation.

“I was met with an overwhelming response,” said Kraft, about reaching out to the City and Cargill. “They went above and beyond for Pinewood.”