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ISD 882 partners with WCSO to provide office space, build connections

Monticello School Community,

We are excited to share a new opportunity involving our partnership with Wright County Law Enforcement.

Beginning this fall, Monticello High School will be providing a break space for Wright County Law Enforcement inside of Door 1 at MHS. This space, on the East end of the building, will be accessible 24/7 to Wright County.

With Wright County looking to provide their officers with access to a space in this area, we jumped at the opportunity to welcome our partners into the building. The purpose behind opening up the space to Wright County is to increase opportunities for students, and our school community at large, to have positive and educational interactions with law enforcement. This move also allows Wright County a spot to process work and provides an additional safety measure in the district to support school resource officers. 

We are aware of the stigma that surrounds law enforcement and the nerves this may create for some students. It is our hope and belief that by welcoming these members of our community into our building, we will be able to create connections and build relationships that help take down any existing stigmas or nerves, and provide not just a more secure, but also a more comfortable atmosphere for our entire student body. This is a partnership that Delano High School started last year and has seen very good results from. 

We want our community to know that you can expect to see an increased presence of law enforcement vehicles at the school during the day and night, and potentially increased visibility of officers during evening events at Monticello High School.

We would like to thank the Wright County Sheriff’s Office for reaching out to us with this opportunity, and we look forward to building on our already outstanding partnership.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this news, please contact the Monticello High School Office at 763-272-3000.


Mike Carr, MHS Principal

John Reeves, MHS Assistant Principal

Eric Olson, Superintendent