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ISD 882 celebrates School Board Recognition Week (Feb. 18-22)

In honor of School Board Recognition Week (February 18-22), ISD 882 would like to acknowledge Monticello School Board members for their service and leadership to Monticello School District

Monticello School District Board members are: Chair Jill Bartlett, Vice Chair Jeff Hegle, Missy Hanson, Candace Carda, Jennifer Lewis Kannegieter, and Melissa Curtis.

Superintendent Eric Olson said that Monticello School District is fortunate to be led by six community members that value education, that lead with steady hands, and that believe in creating the best possible experiences for all students, from preschool through 12th grade.

“Serving as a school board member is often a thankless task, but it is one of the most vital roles we have in society,” said Olson. “School board members are pillars in the educational foundation. They must make tough decisions in hard times, while prioritizing opportunities in good times. We are very fortunate to have six board members that are committed to excellence, that consistently put students first, and make this an exceptional district to work, live, and learn in.”