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2018 MCA results show Monticello students are ahead of the curve


Results are in from last year’s MCA Tests, and Monticello students found themselves ahead of the curve in a number of different areas.

While the district is focused on shifting toward a Social Emotional Learning curriculum that values much more than test scores, ISD 882 is encouraged to continue to see positive test results.

Overall, the district’s reading proficiency results were more than 10 percent above the state average, while math proficiency results were more than 15 percent above the state average. ISD 882’s reading proficiency results remained right on par with last year’s scores, while the math results were up nearly a full percent.

Each building had plenty of individual highlights within the MCA results. Some of those highlights include:

  • Little Mountain – 54% of fourth grade students received an E (Exceeds) on Math MCA
  • Pinewood – 40% of third grade students received an E on Math MCA
  • Middle School – 43% of eighth grade students received an E on Math MCA
  • High School – 75% proficient on Reading MCA (State Average is 60%)
  • High School – 66% proficient on Math MCA (State Average is 49.2)
  • High School – 68% proficient on Science MCA (State Average is 57.5%)

It continues to be the district’s belief and priority that by taking care of the whole child, and investing time in teaching students how to better develop relationships and understand emotions, students will continue to see even greater results in the classroom, as well as the world at large.

In addition to the release of test scores, the State of Minnesota recently released information on North Star, their new accountability system. A release from the Minnesota Department of Education says “the state’s new North Star accountability system aims to create more equitable and well-rounded learning opportunities for all students across the state. Using data from the five key indicators that make up North Star— achievement and progress on state reading and math tests over time, progress toward English language proficiency, graduation rates and consistent attendance—the state is better able to identify and learn from schools that consistently perform at high levels across multiple domains.”

The new accountability systems falls more in line with ISD 882’s beliefs about measuring educational success in a wide variety of ways, with test scores being just one piece of the puzzle.
“For over 20 years, we have relied far too much on test scores as the sole measure of school performance,” said Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius. “This misguided approach has resulted in a status quo that has not only skewed the perception of how our schools are doing, but has narrowed and limited opportunities for students to experience a rich and well-rounded education.”

The first results from the new system were released this fall. Monticello schools fared well across the board, with the district hitting a math achievement rate of 70.63 percent and reading achievement rate of 68.76 percent, both more than 20 percent above state average.

Little Mountain received a rare “Reward of Excellence” when they were recognized for Excellence in Reading Progress for Multiracial Students.

Schools fared well in several other categories, including attendance levels at Pinewood, and academic progress scores that were nearly twice the state average at Monticello Middle School.

Additional information on North Star Accountability System, as well as MCA results, can be found at the Minnesota Department of Education website. To learn more about Monticello School District’s commitment to whole child education and Social Emotional Learning, visit here.