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New food low balance policy approved by Monticello School Board

Both the Monticello School District and Sodexo Food Service are committed to providing meals to students who choose to participate in the breakfast/lunch program.  We also feel very strongly that there is an obligation for parents/guardians and/or students to satisfy all financial obligations to the lunch program in a timely manner. In order to provide students and parents/guardians in the Monticello School District with the best possible service, clarity, and accountability surrounding the school lunch program, the following procedures regarding student lunch account balances are as follows:

  • All students who wish to participate in the school breakfast and lunch program will receive a breakfast or lunch regardless of student’s account balance. All lunches include a single entrée of their choice, unlimited fruits and vegetables and a milk.  No alternative meals will be served regardless of account balance and no student will be turned away without a breakfast/lunch.
  • A students will be allowed to go negative in their accounts for meals only.  Students will not be allowed to make an A-La Carte purchase if their account is negative.  Parents will continue be able to put restrictions on A La Carte purchases.   
  • Automated phone messages will continue to go out on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursdays to all families who student account balance falls below positive $10.  This is to provide ample time for families to deposit additional funds in to their account before going negative.
  • Students with an account balance below -$20 will receive communication from the food service office informing them of the status of the account.  Students with an account balance below -$40 will receive personal communication from the schools principal.  If an account reached -$60 the account will be referred to collections.
  • Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to submit free/reduced lunch application forms every August as well as anytime the household information or income changes. Applications can be submitted online at the district website or paper applications are available at each schools.
  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to monitor their children’s breakfast/lunch account through the district's website. This system can be used to confirm payments, make payments, and monitor account activity.
    • Please remember… Online payments may take 24-48 hours to post to the account, so please plan ahead.
  • Cash and check payments will continue to be accepted at each school office and will be processed at 10:00 am each day.

The full "Unpaid Meal Charges" policy (Policy 534) can be found here

If you have any questions, you can contact Joe Happe at 763-272-3047.