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Kara Radke selected as Teacher of the Month!

Monticello High School's Kara Radke was selected by Education Minnesota Monticello as the December Teacher of the Month! Please check out EMM's Q&A with Kara below!

Name: Kara Radke

Years teaching in Monticello: 7 years

  1. Tell us a little about yourself:
    I’m pretty basic. I asked my daughter to help me out on this one. She said that I am patient, I’m a good listener, I’m loving and caring towards people, I love to help people with their problems, and I like to problem solve. I will also add that I am married to a wonderful companion, and have two beautiful and amazing children. (If anyone wants to be a part of teenage parents, I’m in) I also am very passionate about my career and truly care about the wonderful people /staff/students/parents that I get to work with. I love to live the advice I give to my students and my own children; Enjoy life in all of its areas! I love my job, I love being a mom, a wife, a friend, sister, child, community member, and the list goes on! I just try to live through my values and speak my truth in all aspects of my life. 
  1. What did you choose the teaching profession?
    I have always LOVED talking with others. I have always LOVED trying to help people, point blank, just helping in any way shape or form. Education just seemed like a no brainer for me. I really did not have the best school experiences, but not the worst. I had strong parents as advocates, and I was in a good education system. I started off going into Elementary Education. I loved teaching. It just so happened that I was drawn more to the students that were struggling in their school day. This eventually led to my seeking a paraprofessional position while starting to pursue my Special Education degree. 
  1. What is the best thing about teaching in Monticello?
    I have a lot of reasons I like teaching in Monticello. When we moved here, I worked in a different community, and I wanted to be more involved and connected with Monticello. I love teaching here because of the amazing students and staff. I have been lucky and blessed to have such awesome and amazing supports in my job. Whether it’s staff (my “square squad” or just about anyone), students, parents, and community members that I’ve come across, I am just happy to feel the love.

  2. What is your proudest moment as a teacher?
    Seriously, this is tough. I have had some pretty amazing moments. I think my proudest moments come from students continuing to trust me even if we go through tough times. I have students that refer to me as their school mom, that’s a proud moment.

  3. What advice would you give a young adult who is thinking about a teaching career?
    I would say; yes please. Take your very own and personal experiences, grow from them, go out and experience diversity, people places and things that are different from yourself, and with these new experiences, remember your roots too. Combine all of your knowledge and join the world of teaching! Knowledge is power. Knowledge is freedom. Don’t ever limit yourself.