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BestPrep recognizes MHS instructor Kari Grawburg as an Educator of Excellence

Monticello High School business teacher and DECA leader Kari Grawburg had a major honor bestowed upon her at the end of the 2018-19 school year, when she was recognized as an Educator of Excellence by BestPrep. The non-profit organization works to connect education with business, and recognized Grawburg as one of a handful of Educator of Excellence award winners from around the state.

MHS business instructor Kari Grawburg pictured with Bonnie Vagasky, Vice President of Educational Programs from Best Prep. Grawburg has previously worked with BestPrep on multiple occasions, using their workshops for professional development, as well as taking advantage of opportunities to send students to their camps. Grawburg teaches business and marketing at MHS, as well as accounting, and computer application. She started up the DECA program (also spearheaded by former student Grace Schillewaert, who was at a Best Prep camp when she heard about DECA), and has quickly turned it into one of the best programs in the area.

Grawburg’s energy, passion for business, and dedication to connecting her students to real life opportunities have continued to help draw students into business classes and additional opportunities at MHS.

Grawburg said that she was very humbled by the recent recognition.

“There are so many good teachers out there,” she said. “I was just really surprised.”

One of her biggest priorities as an educator is that mission to connect education with real world experiences, and she works to do that by bringing in speakers, encouraging kids to join DECA (a business simulation competition of sorts), and making all lessons as applicable to the real world as possible.

MHS Assistant Principal John Reeves praised Grawburg for her ability to connect with kids and get them enthused about the material at hand.

"Kari is wonderful in her approach with kids. She shows a passion for her content and displays concern and empathy for those that walk through her doors," said Reeves. She's also outstanding as a DECA advisor and we are grateful to have her as part of our team at MHS." 

Grawburg said that she believes business is, without a doubt, an incredibly important and useful subject for nearly all students.

“So much of the world is business … even if it’s not traditional business,” said Grawburg, noting that the basic principles of business filter into almost every profession.

Grawburg and her fellow Educators of Excellence were recognized at BestPrep’s Annual Luncheon on May 23.

High school students interested in joining DECA should be on the lookout this coming fall for information about signing up.