• May 5, 2020 Distance Learning Amendment
    I would like to take this opportunity to provide some clarity and guidance for the remainder of this school year (May and June). First, we will continue to provide meals to students and school-age child care for emergency workers needing it. Please know that we are feeding over 3,100 students per day and caring for the children, of close to 50, essential workers every single day.  Our employees are proud to be deemed essential and serve your children. Continue to use the COVID Website for registering for meals and Essential Worker Childcare. A variety of district and community resources are also available to families from emotional and behavioral supports, technology supports, Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) applications, and community resources. If you need any type of assistance, please contact our COVID Hotline and share your need: District COVID Hotline Phone Number:  763-272-2097; or email:  hotline@monticello.k12.mn.us
    Our counselors, social workers, teachers, principals, and support personnel will make personal connections our number one tool of engagement. Speaking of engagement, we know that the same-old, same-old simply will not work to successfully reach all of our students through the remainder of this school year. It is the goal of Monticello Public Schools to keep our kids engaged, while also providing a variation on the fun activities that our students are used to enjoying as the school year winds down. While teaching, the essential standards will still be our main goal.   Detailed calendars at each building are linked below to help drive excitement for the remainder of our 2019-2020 school year. 

    Along with school personnel making connections our number one priority, we also have our spring coaches and advisors connecting with their participants. At this time, the Minnesota State High School League is allowing optional workouts.  Coaches have also been promoting their students through social media.  Some of the programs are putting together criteria for lettering. And, Mr. Macki has continued to post workouts for all of our students who are trying to train at home.
    Engagement Monitor
    We will be monitoring our learning management technology tools (Schoology, Seesaw, Twitter {Sports/workouts}) and striving for increased engagement each of the remaining 4 weeks of school.  There will be an engagement thermometer on the COVID site and the front page of the District Website.

    • District 882 May/June Goal: With our school district’s commitment to fun year-end opportunities and our focus on strengthening relationships through personal connections, we will increase our student engagement each week. 
    • Celebration of Engagement. A monitoring tool will be posted on the COVID19 Website. Siblings can encourage their siblings.

    Grading Communication
    While serving students, families, and keeping our staff safe in May/June, we will also uphold state standards and local requirements for academics. Each building’s grading practices during Distance Learning will also be linked below after each one is made available.

    • Monticello High School
    • Monticello Middle School
    • Little Mountain Elementary (Grades 1-5)
    • Pinewood Elementary (Grades 1-5)
    • Eastview Education Center (Pre K, ECSE, Family Education, Kindergarten)

    Graduation Plan
    Announcement coming soon - projected date of May 11 or 13
    Summer Plans
    Announcement coming soon - projected date of May 11 or 13
    Technology Device Return Plan

    • Grade 12 (Seniors):  Seniors are asked to RETURN their school issued Chromebook with charger when they pick up their diploma.  
    • Grade 6-11:  Students should KEEP their school issued Chromebook for the summer.  Charge the device to at minimum 80% and hold down the power button until the screen goes blank while storing over the summer.  
    • Grade K-5:  Students are asked to RETURN the school issued Chromebook in August.  Best Practice for Device Storage click here
    • Students who will not be returning to Monticello Schools for the 20-21 school year, should drop their chromebook and charger off at the school building with the building secretary or principal or contact 763-272-2099 to make arrangements for dropoff.

    Hotspots for Internet Access

    • Parents are asked to return the school-issued hotspot to their child’s school by June 5, 2020.


Last Modified on May 14, 2020