• Financial Aid Information

    The FAFSA is available October 1st each year.  Students will need to complete the application as it is used to determine eligibility for finanical aid which includes: scholarships, grants, work study, and loans.

    Federal Student Aid Application

    Information about Federal Student Aid

    Financial Aid and FAFSA Information

    Scholarship Information
    You may have heard people say there are “millions of scholarship dollars that go unclaimed each year.” You have probably also talked to parents who have told you that their son or daughter was an outstanding student and could not get a scholarship.
    The fact is, there are thousands of scholarships; however, most of these scholarships have very specific eligibility criteria (e.g., the student must go to XYZ college, be in the top 5% of his/her class, and have an ACT score of at least 28, or a student must belong to a particular ethnic group, race, or religion, have overcome a great obstacle, have great leadership skills, a specific major, etc.)
    When it comes to academic scholarships, students generally must have an outstanding GPA (3.5 or better), high test scores (ACT 27+, SAT 1200+), excellent recommendations, and be involved in extracurricular and/or community activities. To receive an athletic or talent scholarship, a student must be truly outstanding.
    Even though it is not easy to obtain academic or talent scholarships, students and parents who are willing to invest the time and energy may find that their efforts pay off handsomely.

    Where to look for a Scholarship (In rank order)
    1. Local scholarships- Will come out in April 2022

    2. Financial Aid Office-
    At your college

    3. Your church, parents’ place of work, any organization to which your family belongs

    4. Misc. Scholarship Opportunities
    In Counseling Office or Scholarship Chart click here

    5. Online Resources


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