Guidelines to follow when registering:

    • Identify your interests and abilities:  Each student is unique and therefore should schedule courses that will meet their current interests, future needs, and appropriate level of ability.
    • Get Advice:  Our staff members are the people that know our classes the best, and in many ways understand our students' abilities as well.  Asking teachers and counselors for help and recommendations is very important.  Registration should be done with parents and guardians as active participants.  
    • Plan a Balanced Schedule:  Students that incorporate courses from a number of different departments will receive a well rounded education.  This balance also maintains students' interest, while exposing them to a variety of teaching and learning styles. 
    • Explore and Experiment: High school is the last opportunity for most students to try new courses, or explore areas of interest without additional costs.  Many of our students "discover" an educational or career path through their experience in courses that were not required or part of their original plan. 
    • Career and College Ready: All students have been introduced to MNCIS beginning in 8th grade and can access this program throughout high school.  This includes Careers class in grade 11.