Chartwells Food Service

  • Chartwell delivers healthy and delicious school meals based on the USDA’s nutrition guidelines so that students are engaged and ready to learn in school. All meals include a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable choices and a variety of chilled non-fat or low-fat milk.

    • Elementary Menu

    Lunch costs for 2022-2023

    The cost per meal is currently $2.95 for a student's lunch and $1.75 for a student's breakfast. Students eligible for free/reduced meals receive their meals at no cost to their families. Milk for cold lunch may be purchased for 65 cents. We encourage families to buy at least two weeks worth of lunches or more at a time. Students will not be allowed to charge. There must be money in their account in order to eat lunch.

    Families are still highly encouraged to fill out Free and Reduced Meal Applications if applicable. To learn more about the benefits behind Free and Reduced and to apply, please visit here