Monticello High School's Mission Statement

    "A place where you can feel the Magic" 

     Monticello High School is a great place to explore and find your way to the next chapter in life.  The high school has many programs set up to aid in the success of all students grades 9 through 12.  The high school staff works hard at making sure each grade level is ready and prepared for the next challenge.  While at the high school, students will have an opportunity to take Advanced Placement classes as well as College in the Schools classes.  By the time a student graduates from Monticello High School, they should have a good idea as to what direction they will go once they leave the district to start their new chapter in life.  The goal of the staff is to provide instruction of the highest level as well as promoting life experiences for lifelong success.  We want everyone who is involved with the high school to always feel the magic of life. 

    Monticello High School was opened in the Fall of 1999.  The first graduating class from the new high school was June of 2000.