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  • The Business Office handles the financial aspects of the school district and adopts and maintains the budget annually. We also comply with state and federal reporting requirements, oversee the required yearly audit, monitor investments, and hold the annual Truth and Taxation hearing. The department also oversees food service, buildings and grounds, payroll preparation, employee benefits, accounts payable, accounts receivable, all district insurances, along with a multitude of other processes.

    Special financial information regarding the Monticello School District:
    The Monticello School District (District) and the Northern Sherburne Wright Special Education Cooperative (Cooperative) have a unique relationship that is different from other school districts.  The Northern Sherburne Wright Special Education Cooperative is a separate legal entity; however, the employees working under this entity are under the Monticello School District employment contracts.  The Cooperative "purchase" employees through Monticello.  The District keeps track of the employees that are funded by the Cooperative under a separate fund.  When the District reports financial information to the State, the District information plus the employees funded under the Cooperative get reported together under the General Fund.  This makes school district financial comparisons challenging and causes confusion.  Below is the General Fund's expenditure per pupil as reported to the State as an example for the 2021-22 school year.  Information for the 2022-2023 school year has not been deemed final by the State. 

     2021-2022 (with the Special Ed Cooperative) 
     Total General Fund Expenditures     $  62,986,340.00
     Average Daily Membership Served (ADM)                  4,196.00
     Total General Fund Expenditures/ ADM           $   15,011.04
     2021-2022 (without the Special Ed Cooperative) 
     Total General Fund Expenditures     $  52,268,956.00
     Average Daily Membership Served (ADM)                  4,196.00
     Total General Fund Expenditures/ ADM            $  12,456.85

    Questions about the District's financial information may be directed to Tina Burkholder at 763.272.2015.

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