LME Birthday Celebrations

  • One of the great LME traditions is acknowledging each student on his or her birthday. We announce the birthday child’s name on the morning announcements, classes sing the “Happy Birthday” song, the principal delivers a birthday card to the classroom, and families have always had the option of bringing in treats for his or her classmates. We are strongly encouraging families to choose to send non-food items as a fun change on birthdays. Please consider sending a gift to the class such as:

    • A game for the classroom
    • A classroom book (A nice touch would be having your child pick it out, sign it, and date it)
    • Send an item for each child in the classroom to keep such as pencils, pens, erasers,markers, etc.

    If you choose to send in a gift on your child’s birthday, please wrap it up for your child to open in front of classmates at some time during the school day.

    Please do not send cupcakes, donuts or sheet cakes for your child’s birthday treat. These items are not commercially wrapped and do not meet district food service guidelines.