Monticello Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame Poster
  • Dear Monticello School Community,


    The Wall of Fame was founded in the 1990s and has led to the memorialization of many Monticello High School graduates that have gone on to accomplish tremendous things. Following a 10-year break, the new Monticello Wall of Fame Committee is prepared to bring this project back to life in an updated format that best matches the needs of our community. The Monticello Wall of Fame Committee is made up of: Gary Revenig, Clay Sawatzke, Kim Nygaard, Craig Geyen, and Heather Kanthak.


    The most significant change will be in the criteria for nomination. Previously, nominees had to be Monticello High School graduates. Moving forward, nominees must be Monticello High School graduates OR have had a profound impact on the Monticello School District. There are countless individuals that have had tremendous and long-lasting impact on our school community without graduating from Monticello High School, and we believe that having the opportunity to honor those individuals will continue to strengthen our school and community ties as we move into the future.


    At this time, we would like to open up the nomination process for 2023 Monticello Wall of Fame Inductees. Nominees must have graduated at least ten years ago from Monticello High School OR Have made a profound impact on Monticello School District.


    Nominees also must have achieved one or more of the following:

    1. Success in their lifetime (i.e. Personal/Professional)

    2. Contribution to nation, state, city, or local community.

    3. Show a position of leadership at any time in their life.


    In order to nominate a candidate for a spot on the Monticello Wall of Fame, please fill out this form. The candidate submission process will remain open until November 15, 2023. At that time, the applicant process will be closed and the Wall of Fame Committee will select the 2023 honorees. Nominees will be contacted by December 15th and all honorees will be celebrated at a district event this winter.


    Thank you for considering nominating a great member of the Monticello School Community or an outstanding alumni. We look forward to celebrating more of the many persons that have made a proud impact on this community and district.




    The Monticello Wall of Fame Committee