Volunteers play a very important role in the educational experience offered in our schools.  We are thankful for the generous support of people who donate their time. 

    Please note that due to COVID guidelines we will have limited volunteers in our buildings for the 2020-2021 school year.  

    All volunteers must:  

    1.  Submit a background check.  Background checks* are good for four years.

    2. Volunteer Trainingis done annually.

    *Volunteer Background Check

    All background checks will be kept confidential.  We appreciate your cooperation.  Working together, we can provide great opportunities for our students.

    PLEASE NOTE: The charge for a volunteer background check is $10.00.  If your background check includes additional jurisdiction searches not included in the $10.00 package fee, you will be responsible for the additional charges.
    Background check process must be completed at least ONE week prior to the volunteer experience.