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    Visit the Counseling Office website to view a variety of resources for college and career readiness and mental health or to schedule an appointment with your school counselor. 

    Requesting a Transcript from Parchment

    Have an official copy sent to a college after submitting an application using Parchment. http://www/parchment.com/

    a. Sign Up: Find the secure Transcript link above, tell Parchment who you are, and choose a password. You'll need an email address, so they can contact you.

    b. Choose: Select the colleges you're applying to. 

    c. Pay online (there is a fee per transcript).

    d. The counseling office will submit your transcripts electronically directly to the college. 


    Students will need to complete the FAFSA to determine eligibility for financial aid. The Counseling Office encourages ALL studnts to fill ou the application. FAFSA is available to complete starting October 1st. 

    FAFSA Application

    Information about FAFSA

    Seniors- have you looked at the scholarships posted from the Counseling Office! Check out the scholarship chart. There are many scholarships from the community posted with deadlines that are quickly approaching.


    Also, check out these field specific scholarships. 

    Other places to look: 

    1. Financial Aid Office at your college. 

    2. Your church, parents' place of work, any organization to which your family belongs. 

    3. The Internet