• Choose Kind Committee

    The Choose Kind Committee comes together under the idea that the Monticello School Community is ONE team. The committee uses a positive approach to address bullying concerns and to make our district an even better place.
    The committee aims to listen to parents on how they are feeling our district is doing. What are parents hearing? Are there areas of improvement needed?
    Each meeting, the committee highlights one school and an initiative they’ve committed to along with example(s) of our implementation of a district policy to show what is currently going on in the schools.
    As the year goes on, the committee will reflect and develop any next steps (action plan) after going through the list of activities at each building level and all district policies regarding behaviors.

    For more information on the what goes on at monthly Choose Kind meetings, please access the Choose Kind Notes tab on the left. Future agendas will be shared on the "Agenda" tab when available.