• Monticello High School Technology

    Infusing effective technology to enhance the learning experience of our students.  Integrating technology with curriculum allows for more advanced student learning and broadens the scope of education.  

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  • Why Integrate Technology in our schools?

    As we progress through the 21th century, we have found it critical for students to have the tools that are necessary to prepare them for their futures. Technology is present everywhere in students' lives in today's world. When technology is integrated in the curriculum, it revolutionizes the learning process. There are more and more studies that are showing technology integration in the curriculum improves students' learning processes and outcomes.


    How we integrate technology in our schools? 

    At Monticello High School, each student is provided with an Acer Chromebook for their use in their courses. The majority of the instructors at Monticello High conduct a blended classroom, consisting of a mix of traditional instructional methods, along with use on online curriculums.


    About the Chromebooks:

    The Chromebooks are equipped with software that allows building staff to monitor online actions of our students, as well as a robust firewall that provides limitations to the world-wide web. Students can purchase Chromecare through our district for only $35. This insurance provides an extra layer of protection for incidental damages to our devices.