• Transportation For Kindergarten

    Bus routes are established by the experts at Hoglund Transportation. 

    • Kindergarten students will be picked up in the morning, along with all elementary age students, at their assigned bus stop.
    • In the morning, buses will stop at either Pinewood or Little Mountain first to drop off the 1st through 5th grade students.  Kindergarten students will stay on their bus and be brought to Eastview Education Center to begin their school day.  The buses will depart Pinewood at approximately 8:40 am while buses from Little Mountain will depart at 8:45 am. 
    • In the afternoon, shuttle buses will transport kindergarten students from Eastview Education Center back to Pinewood or Little Mountain where they will make the transfer to their assigned school bus. Kindergarten students will be escorted by adult staff members to their school bus. We will use a colored tag system and staff members who will be specifically in charge of ensuring that every child gets on the proper bus.