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Licensed School Nurse

  • Kelly Barrow, RN, LSN (Licensed School Nurse), is the Licensed School Nurse for Eastview Education Center and Nature Based Classrooms.
    Lindsey Paggen is the Eastview Education Center Health Paraprofessional. 

    Licensed School Nurse:

    • assesses individual student health and developmental status
    • promotes and maintains the health and well-being of all students
    • develops health plans for students with chronic health conditions
    • provides health care treatments
    • coordinates prevention and control of communicable diseases
    • develops a system of first aid and emergency care
    • recommends new and updated health policies
    • coordinate early childhood screening (pre-school screening)

    Health Paraprofessionals:

    Work in the school health office during school hours. They are certified in first aid and CPR. They work under the supervision of a licensed school nurse. Health paraprofessionals:

    • provide first aid 
    • administer medication 

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