Art Department

  • The mission of the art education program at Pinewood Elementary is to promote 21st century learning through project based experiences.  Students learn to be creative, think critically and solve problems, communicate and collaborate through visual arts.


    • Create a 21st Century learning environment in which Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration are fundamental in hands on learning opportunities and activities.
    • To create inter-disciplinary connections with other academic content areas (art & math; art & literature; art and culture/social studies).
    • To educate students about our visual culture while promoting creativity and self-expression. 
    • To teach problem-solving skills and critical thinking methods.
    • Learning history and culture through art appreciation and creation.
    • Explore a variety of art mediums to communicate ideas and feelings.
    • Create an atmosphere where students have a “can do” attitude.

    Curriculum, Art Mediums, and Portfolios:

    • Students will be exposed to a variety of art mediums including drawing, painting, sculpting/ceramics, printmaking/stenciling, collage, and mixed-media.
    • Our art curriculum is based on the MN State Standards in the visual arts and encompasses art appreciation, and art history, art making, self-expression, as well as the basic elements and principles of design.
    • Students create a portfolio of work that shows their progress throughout each trimester. Portfolios are sent home on a trimester basis or at the end of the school year.

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