Student Center

  • 2019-2020

    As the middle school student population has grown to over 1,100 students, Student Center services have become an important, integral part of day-to-day school activities and support for students. Besides students, parents and staff members frequently stop at the Student Center to access services covering academic, emotional, social, physical and health concerns of individual students.

    Annette Bieniek  - School Social Worker

    Therese Olson  - School Counselor

    Sarah Sopher  - School Social Worker



    Call to Mind

    Call to Mind

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    Stand Up

    STAND UP week was designed five years ago to educate students on various topics that pertain to adolescents. The idea was to have an extension of the character education taught to students from our Magic Minutes (MM) curriculum.

    Example of themes include:

    • Stand UP! For The Right Thing!
    • Respect Yourself...Respect Others (technology safety)
    • Bullying, Stand UP for Differences
    • Stand UP Against Destructive Decisions
    • What Would You Do?
    • "It's NOT "Just Joking"
    • "What Do I Stand For?"
    • "It Just Takes ONE!" 


     Students may get involved in other activities offered through the Student Center. All forms are available in the Student Center for students to sign up for these activities.  Click here to see what is offered.