• MMS Athletic/Activities Eligibility

    All middle school students wishing to participate in any athletics or activities must meet the MMS Eligibility requirements as detailed in the student handbook and as summarized below.
    1. Students must remain in good standing in relation to the Student Code of Responsibilities as outlined by the MSHSL. This includes behavior expectations in and out of school as well as abstaining from chemical use (including paraphernalia possession) entirely. These expectations are detailed in the MSHSL Athletic Eligibility Brochure.

    2. Students with 'failing' grades or "incomplete" grades may practice if satisfactory progress (defined by teacher and coach) is being made. Students, however, will not participte in games or activities until the grade is corrected or made up.

    3. Students in detention or make-up time are required to meet that obligation before participating in practice or events.

    4. Students are expected to attend all practices unless excused absences prevent attendance.

    5. Students understand outdoor games and practices may take place in the cold and/or rain. They need to dress appropriately.

    6. Students must have a Sports Qualifying Physical Form on record valid in the last 3 years. Students must use the MSHSL form provided.

    7. Students must have a current MSHSL Athletic Eligibility Brochure on file.

    8. Students must have a currentEmergency Cardon file.

    9. Students must pay their athletic or activity fee.

    10. Students participating in activities must be in attendance ALL SEVEN (7) class periods.

    Exceptions to this policy will be:
    1. Pre-approved absences
    2. School sponsored event (ie. fieldtrip)
    3. Professional appointment

    PREAPPROVED PARENT PERMISSION (examples: Doctor, Dentist, Chiropractor, Psychiatrist) ONLY upon the advice and consent of the Principal and Activities Director.




     Other exceptions to this policy shall be considered