Meet Our Nurse and Health Paraprofessionals:

Tana, Sarah and Karen
  • Tana Kalnbach, RN, LSN (Licensed School Nurse), visits all three elementary schools on a regular basis. Sarah Curtis and Karen Brion are the health paraprofessionals at Pinewood Elementary.

    Licensed School Nurse:

    • assesses individual student health and developmental status
    • promotes and maintains the health and well-being of all students
    • develops health plans for students with chronic health conditions
    • provides health care treatments
    • coordinates prevention and control of communicable diseases
    • develops a system of first aid and emergency care
    • recommends new and updated health policies

    Health Paraprofessionals:

    Work in the school health office during school hours. They are certified in first aid and CPR. They work under the supervision of a licensed school nurse. Health paraprofessionals:

    • provide first aid
    • administer medication
    • process immunization records

Contact Us:

  • If you would like to talk about health policies and/or your child's health needs you may contact the school nurse.

    Tana Kalnbach, RN, LSN

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