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1:1 Chromebooks

Why 1:1 Chromebooks?

The focus of the 1:1 (1 Chromebook per student) program is to provide a device and resources that meet the needs of today's students.

  1. The Chromebook 1:1 Program Facilitates.
  2. Access to digital educational resources.
  3. Availability beyond the school day.
  4. Individualized learning.
  5. Creativity and innovation.
  6. Critical thinking and problem solving.
  7. Communication and collaboration.
  8. Technology literacy skills.
  9. College and career readiness.

The information in our handbook document applies to the 1:1 Chromebook Program for students that attend Monticello Middle School and Monticello High School. Please note that teachers may set additional requirements for use in their classroom.


District Chromecare Protection

Annual Cost = $45.00

1st Instance = $20.00 deductible

2nd Instance = $35.00 deductible

3rd Instance = $50.00 deductible