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World's Best Workforce and Achievement and Integration

World's Best Workforce

The World’s Best Workforce bill was passed in 2013 to ensure every school district in the state is making strides to increase student performance. Each district must develop a plan that addresses the following five goals:

  • All children are ready for school.
  • All third-graders can read at grade level.
  • All racial and economic achievement gaps between students are closed.
  • All students are ready for career and college.
  • All students graduate from high school.

Monticello's World's Best Workforce Plan serves as a blueprint that demonstrates how current district initiatives and plans work together in a concerted effort to create a quality workforce equipped with the necessary skills for the 21st century.

Achievement and Integration  


The purpose of the Achievement and Integration (A&I) for Minnesota program is to pursue racial and economic integration, increase student achievement, create equitable educational opportunities, and reduce academic disparities based on students' diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds in Minnesota public schools.


There are four ways that a district can be eligible for the program:

  1. Racially Isolated (RI): Enrollment of protected-class students districtwide is more than 20 percent, compared to the number of protected-class students in one of their adjoining districts.
  2. Adjoining: District physically adjoins a racially isolated district.
  3. Racially Identifiable School (RIS): Enrollment of protected-class students at a school is more than 20 percent, compared to the number of protected-class students within the district (for the same grade levels served).
  4. Voluntary: District participates voluntarily when geographically feasible. Participation must be approved by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE).

WBWF and A&I Plans