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School Finance Award


The School Finance Award program was begun in 2003 by the Minnesota Department of Education.  The intent of the award was to highlight the importance of compliance with the law as well as provide a method to motivate school districts and organizations to strive towards greater levels of compliance, sound accounting, and training.  Staff at the Minnesota Department of Education review local publications, audit reports, and thousands of pieces of fiscal data to determine award winners.

Monticello Public Schools is pleased to announce it has received this award ten times in a row since 2013.

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Monticello Public Schools has won the Association of School Business Officials International's Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting for fiscal year ending 2019.  To receive the Certificate of Excellence (COE) award, school districts have to meet or exceed the program's high standards for financial reporting and accountability.  "This award represents a significant achievement and reflects your commitment to fiscal integrity and high-quality financial reporting," as stated in the letter from ASBO International.

This is the 9th year Monticello Public Schools has received the award.

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