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Annual Notices

Monticello School District Annual Notices

Notice for Pesticide Applications

A Minnesota state law requires schools to inform parents and guardians if they apply certain pesticides on school property.

Specifically, this law requires schools that apply these pesticides to maintain an estimated schedule of pesticide applications and to make the schedule available to parents and guardians for review or copying at each school office.

State law also requires that you be told that the long-term health effects on children from the application of such pesticides or the class of chemicals to which they belong may not be fully understood.

If you would like to be notified prior to pesticide applications made on days other than those specified in the estimated schedule (excluding emergency applications), or if you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact: Bruce Hanson at 763-272-3091.


Asbestos - Annual Notification of Availability of the Management Plan and Related Activities

Our district has been inspected for asbestos under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986.  Some asbestos containing materials were found in the Monticello Middle School and Pinewood Elementary. There is no known asbestos in the remaining buildings.  A management plan detailing the location and description of the asbestos containing building materials has been submitted to the Minnesota Department of Education and is available for your inspection at the Administrative Office and at the respective school offices.  The areas containing asbestos materials are in good condition. I.S.D 882 has an ongoing annual project to systematically remove asbestos to further reduce the amount of asbestos in our schools.

As required by federal law, the condition of asbestos in our district is surveyed every six months as part of an ongoing operations and maintenance program.  The most recent surveillance was done prior to the July 9, 2018 deadline. At the Middle School some asbestos containing bulletin board mastic, countertops and floor mastic were abated.  The asbestos is inspected every three years by a certified asbestos inspector.  Our last required inspection was completed prior to the July 9, 2017 deadline. If you have any questions or concerns please address them to our asbestos designated person, Bruce Hanson, Monticello High School, 5225 School Blvd.,  Monticello, MN 55362.

Indoor Air Quality Management Plan

Independent School District 882 has adopted an Indoor Air Quality Management Plan.  This plan will be used by the school district to identify and implement the district’s commitment to the best indoor air quality for the student, parents, and staff.  The plan contains maintenance procedures, building surveys, IAQ policies, and procedures for handling indoor air quality concerns and complaints. If you would like to view the Indoor Air Quality Management Plan or if you have any questions or concerns regarding indoor air quality at any of the district’s buildings, please contact the district’s Indoor Air Quality Coordinator, Bruce Hanson at 763-272-3091.

Eastview Education Center Lead in Water Test Results

Pinewood Elementary Lead in Water Test Results 

Little Mountain Elementary Lead in Water Test Results 

Action Taken Regarding Three High Readings at LME: classroom C-17(actually a store room) Posted non potable water sign above sink. LM-4 Steam Kettle and LM-5 Steamer fixtures replaced and retested. 

Retest Results

Monticello Middle School Lead in Water Test Results

The Middle School had a few elevated readings that have been resolved: #32 sink has been marked as non potable water. #47 Drinking Fountain has been replaced #36 37 38 39  FACs sinks were retested with good results. Test results are on the last page of the report.

Monticello High School Lead in Water Test Results