• A message from Superintendent Olson:

    Hello Monticello School Families, and welcome to the 2019-20 school year!

    As we enter this school year, I am more excited than ever about both the current state and the future of our school district.

    Continuously Improving Thanks to a year’s worth of work started by a wide-reaching and well-connected strategic planning group, and moved forward by the Continuous Improvement Committee, Monticello School District is proud to have four newly established District Goals that will aid our efforts in becoming a top school district not just in the area, not just in the state, but in the country. 

    The brand new district strategies are:

    • Safe and Healthy Culture
    • Teaching and Learning
    • Collaborative Connections
    • Innovative Leadership

    We believe a Safe and Healthy Culture is the foundation upon which educational excellence must be built. Students and staff are both at their best when they feel physically, mentally, and emotionally secure, and it is our top priority to create a culture that establishes just that.

    Teaching and Learning is the engine that drives education. Effective teaching creates better learners, just as good learning habits aid in effective teaching. We want all of our educators to be teachers and learners, every day, so that our students can be the best learners possible.

    Collaborative Connections are one of the lasting impacts of a quality education. Students will take some lessons with them when they leave our buildings, but the most important thing they’ll carry out will be the relationships built and the impact that staff and their peers have had on them not just as students but as individuals. We will strive to create a culture that fosters these connections, in the classroom, in the hallways, through after school activities, and extra curricular programming. We WILL build and maintain relationships!

    Innovative Leadership is the goal that will keep us moving forward. A staff filled with leaders is insurance that an organization will never settle, will never rest in pursuit of excellence and of being the absolute best at what they do. We will create, mold, and empower leaders to pursue excellence for themselves, for our students, and for the district, through professional learning, cutting edge opportunities, and the district’s full support of continued education. 

    It is our strongly held belief that these goals, combined with effective benchmarks and evaluation, will help us continue our push to being an institution of excellence that will provide the best possible E-12 education and outcome for Every Kid, Every Day.

    We look forward to sharing the wonderful year ahead with this entire school community. As always, we thank you for your support, and feel forever grateful to be in this community!

    Go Magic!

    Superintendent Eric Olson