• A message from Superintendent Olson:

    As superintendent of the Monticello Public Schools, I promise to uphold quality programming curriculum, and opportunities for all Monticello students and their families. I will keep the 2015-2020 School Board Goals in front of our staff while also focusing on creating lasting value within our stakeholder groups. Everything that we do will be done with three district goals in mind, that I believe are key to the success of our district/community:

    • Build healthy relationships with all students, parents, and staff. Trust is the key ingredient in any successful organization. Trust will be valued and fostered both within the district and community.
    • Emphasize school safety. Create the safest learning environments in the state of Minnesota. This includes a focus on both building security and social emotional health.
    • Foster a culture of engagement, where students, parents, and staff love coming to school because they feel heard, valued, and inspired.

    One of the many ways we will go about accomplishing these goals is assembling stakeholder teams that will help us push our district forward while upholding our tradition of excellence. Those teams will include the Continuous Improvement Committee, ONE District Staff Recognition Committee, Be Kind (Anti-bullying Committee), and the Achievement and Integration Committee. These teams will help us better serve our students, families, and staff.  Teamwork will be a huge part of what we do in ISD 882. We will work together to grow together, to learn together, and to educate together. I believe strongly in the power of relationships and collaboration, and I look forward to utilizing those tools in my unwavering effort to serve people of Monticello well.

    Superintendent Eric Olson