• Teacher Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I get paid to attend the May meeting?
    Compensation for attendance of the May meeting is included in your stipend.

    When will I find out if my class is going to run?
    Class determination will be made mid April based on class registration.

    When can I set up my room?
    Classrooms will be open for set up the Friday prior to the start of the course, as well as beginning at 6 a.m. on the first day of the course.

    What if I am sick?
    You are required to find a sub and notify site director that you will be gone and who your sub is. **Your room should be ready for them to teach**

    How did I find a sub?
    We will have a list of pre approved subs or you can submit potential subs in advance for pre approval. (Subs must have a background check)

    Who pays for my sub?
    You are required to pay your substitute $25 per hour.

    Can I co-teach a class?
    YES - your pay will be split. We can answer specific questions on a case by case basis.

    What am I expected to have prepared?
    In the May meeting you will turn in a supply list and any materials you needed copied. These will be waiting for you when you come to teach.

    What if my proposal needs to be changed?
    When proposals are reviewed, we may ask for clarification or for changes to be made. You will be able to edit your proposal even after it is submitted.

    I’ve already submitted my supply list, but now I need additional materials. What should I do?
    Please email us and we will work on getting you what you need!

    How will teachers be expected to communicate to students and families?
    At the May meeting you will submit a Welcome Letter introducing yourself to your students. This will be sent out to all registered students in your class the week before it is to run. **Expectations for communication during the week of class will be set at the May meeting.

    If I know a professional that would be interested in teaching, can they?
    YES - feel free to reach out to professionals in your community. Have them submit a proposal!! All proposals will be considered.

    Can I select my own assistant?