• FAQs for Magic Adventures School Age Child Care


    When will registration open?

    Registration will open at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, April 11.  Registration will be done online at monticello.ce.eleyo.com. Detailed instruction on how to register can be found HERE

    What are the new rates and options for care?

    Please visit the Magic Adventures homepage for more information on rates.
    Care will be available at Eastview Education Center (EEC), Little Mountain Elementary (LM), and Pinewood Elementary (PW).  There will be before and after school at each building. EEC will have day time options for preschool students. Care will be available on Early Release Days, most Non-School Days (excluding paid district holidays), and weather permitting, on snow days.  The goal is to be open as many days as possible Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM. Sites may be combined on Non-School Days. Early Release and Non-School Days will be optional for families enrolled in the program. You must be enrolled in before or after school, drop-in care, power hour or pre-k to attend Early Release or Non-School Days during the school year.
    Care will also be available in the summer starting June 2019.

    Will there be a chance to have input on the structure and design of the program?

    Yes, once we have hired a new School Age Child Care Coordinator.  This person will be key in helping design and create the program. Times and dates will be posted once we have the new staff in place. The program survey sent out was to gather basic info to help guide the direction of the program and give the new coordinator a set of baseline data.

    Will the program be licensed?

    The School Board licenses the program.  The program will be in compliance with the Department of Health and Human Services to accept Child Care Assistance Program money.  We will also work on becoming Parent Aware Rated to accept Pathways I scholarship dollars for preschool students and apply for Pathways II dollars as they come available.

    Will the current Kids Castle staff be able to be employed?

    The program will hire the best possible candidates for all open positions.  The District is an equal opportunity employer.

    How will you serve students with special needs and what is the cost?

    All students are welcome to enroll in the program and they will all pay the same rate.  No extra fees for students that may need some more assistance. If your child does have special needs, you will need to make us aware at the time of registration.  We want to meet with you and your child and make sure that we have everything in place for your child to be successful in the program before they start. We want all children to have a great experience in the program.

    If we are already in Kids Castle, do we get a spot in the new program?

    The program will be open to all families.  We will serve as many families as possible, but we must maintain proper staff to student ratios.  PW and LM need to maintain a 15 to 1 student to staff ratio, EEC needs to be 12 to 1 before and after school and 10 to 1 during the day.  Non-school days if combined, need to maintain a 12 to 1 ratio. By us taking registrations early, we will be able to hire the appropriate number of staff prior to the start of the school year.  We may have to limit enrollment once the year begins until we can hire the right amount of staff to stay within our ratios. We will try to work with Kids Castle to get a list of the current families and get their contracts approved in a timely fashion.

    What will the transition look like?

    Kids Castle will provide care for all families until the start of school in the Fall of 2018.  All students enrolled in the new program will start on their first contracted day at their appropriate school at the beginning of the 2018/19 school year.  Parents will have approved contracts and we will hold an open house to let families see the new locations, meet the new staff, and all other fun things associated with a new program.

    What will the daily schedule look like?

    Program hours will be 6 AM to 6 PM.  The program will be choice-based and have a variety of different components each day.  Students will have access to arts, gyms, playgrounds, small group activities, reading, homework help, STEM activities, service learning and much more.  The daily options and how the students move around those activities will be developed by the coordinator and site leads. Students will also have input into the activities that go on.  Preschool students will follow a similar day to students enrolled in Monti Magic Preschool. The two programs will work closely together to offer a robust preschool experience.

    What kinds of things will students be doing on Non-School Days?

    Students who attend on Non-School Days will get to experience a wide variety of activities.  We will have activities and different choices on site, along with field trips off-site and on-site.  Bussing will be provided by Hoglund Transportation if we are traveling off-site. All students who attend on a field trip day will go on the trip unless picked up prior to departure.  Field trip times will be communicated to families signed up.

    Will there be any collaboration between the elementary schools and School Age Child Care?

    The coordinator will work with building principals as needed to help create programming that can support students during out-of-school time.  The coordinator will also work with the principals to work through any student issues or concerns to better serve all students enrolled in the program.  They will also work with principals to help out with transition times and utilizing a variety of spaces in the buildings.

    Will you have a parent handbook?

    We will have a parent handbook that will lay out policy and procedures.  One of the first jobs the new coordinator will have is to create one. We will lean on their experience and other local programs to create policy and procedures that will work best for Monticello.  This will cover student discipline, toileting, late fees, late pick ups, drop off and pick up procedures, along with all things related to the program.

    Will you have a parent advisory group?

    Yes, once we have started the program.  These parents will provide feedback and ideas on how to improve the program.

    How will you evaluate the program?

    After each program season, we will ask parents and students for feedback on their experience in the program.  This will go along with constant evaluation by the coordinator, site leads and CE Director.

    Will people be able to volunteer?

    Yes we will allow volunteers.  All volunteers will have to follow all the same rules as if they were volunteering during the school day.  Volunteers can help on field trip days or other special events.

    How will you address building security?

    Families who are enrolled in the program will be issued key fobs that will open the appropriate door at their building.  It will be programmed only to work during program hours based on what you have contracted for. If you come during school hours, you will have to access the program via the school offices.  

    What will you do for food in the program?

    We will work with food service to provide a breakfast snack in the morning and a snack in the afternoon.  Preschoolers will have access to lunch (parent paid) and snacks during the day. Your daily fees will cover breakfast snack, afternoon snack and midday snacks for preschoolers.  Lunch is the responsibility of parents, unless noted on a field trip day. Please note any food allergies at the time of registration. Summer lunch program is TBD.

    What experience does Community Education have in school age care?

    Our CE Director has over 11 years of experience in running school age care programs.  We are also looking at hiring an experienced program coordinator. It is very important to get off on the right foot.  That is why we gave ourselves a 6 month lead time before we have any students participate in the program.

    How will you communicate with families?

    We will utilize email, text, phone calls, face to face and written communication tools.  Staff will check in with parents when there are any concerns with students or want to share relevant info as needed.  Parents will need to let sites know of any changes in the schedules. It is very important to know when a student is not attending after school.  Staff will track down all students who are not accounted for after school.

    What background checks will be required of staff?

    All staff will be required to go through the same process as any other school district employee, which includes background checks.  The Department of Health and Human Services is expected to roll out a new background check system in the near future, which wil be far more comprehensive, and include continuous background monitoring. We will use that system when it becomes available, in order to meet requirements to receive CCAP money.