Thank you for your interest to be a substitute employee for Monticello Public Schools!  Currently, the State of Minnesota is experiencing a teacher shortage, which means substitutes are in high-need!  We invite you to apply to be added to our substitute pool.

    Substitute Teacher

    Monticello Public Schools offers an incentive tiered pay system for substitute teachers.  

    1-20 Days


    21-49 Days


    50 + Days


      **Loyalty incentive:  Once you work a minimum of 70 days in the 2021-2022 school year, you will remain at the highest rate of pay at the start of the next school year.

    NOTE:  If you have a 4 year college degree outside of the education field, you are a candidate for a short call substitute license.  To apply for a substitute teaching license go to MN Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board.  For more information, please call 763-272-2020.

    Other Substitute Positions

    Substitute positions are needed for paraprofessionals, custodians, secretaries and food service.  Individuals can select which specific position(s) they are interested in subbing for.  See substitute rates below for 2020-2021 school year:

    Education Assistants          $15.50/hour (Health Office $16.50/hour, Magic Adventure Substitutes $14.00/hour)

    Custodians                          $17.00/hour

    Secretaries                          $19.00/hour

    Food Service                       $15.00/hour

    Behavior Interventionist      $22.50/hour

     Where To Start To Be A Substitute Employee

    Monticello Public Schools uses a system called ReadySub, which is an automated substitute placement and absence management system.  Staff post days that they will be absent on the system and substitutes can view openings and choose to fill the opening.  ReadySub openings are sent by email and text message. 

    If you are interested in being a substitute employee for Monticello Public Schools, please start by completing an online application.


    Online Application

    We look forward to seeing you in our schools soon!