Welcome to Pinewood's Media Page

  • The mission of the Monticello Media Program is to insure that students and staff are effective, ethical users of ideas and information, to support both teachers and the curriculum, and to foster a life-long love of reading.

Media Expectations:

  • We ask simply that students respect themselves, others and property. This would include:

    • Finding a special place at home to keep books safe from pets and younger siblings
    • Having clean hands when handling books, keeping them away from food or water
    • Turn pages by the upper or lower corner
    • Use book mark
    • No writing, coloring, or cutting in library books
    • Returning books on time so others may also use them

    If a book is accidentally damaged or lost, we expect students to let us know. They may be charged for repairs needed and would be expected to pay the cost of replacing lost materials.

    As students check out materials, their first book should be a book they can read, the second book can be one of their choice. They need to try reading a portion to make sure it is the appropriate reading level.
    Students need to return their library books on their next scheduled library day.

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