• Welcome to Monticello High School


  • I am grateful to be serving as Assistant Principal at Monticello High School.  I'm enthusiastic about my educational journey in a school and community that has meant so much to me.  I will utilize my platform to passionately reach the lives of students in our school community.  We strive to provide our students with the knowledge and guidance needed to be successful in our learning community. We understand that this success is only made possible through the intentional support of parents, teachers, counselors and many other adults in our community.  

    A love for kids, a sense that what I am doing matters and truly can make a difference, and forming connections with kids that may last for much longer than the brief moments we share with them in our schools, are all reasons I chose this career pathway. Some of the most influential people in my educational molding were teachers and administrators who saw me as a person first and as a student second.  I will continually strive to utilize the platform of school leadership to do the same, because I believe that meaningful relationships lead to meaningful learning. 

    I have been blessed to work with the students of our school community for seventeen years as a teacher, coach and administrator.  I continue to have the opportunity to teach at the university level through the School of Public Affairs at St. Cloud State University. 




  • John Reeves

    Mr. John Reeves, Assistant Principal

    Phone:  763-272-3002